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training in Bio medical in chennai,training in Bio-informatics in chennai,training in Network security in chennai,training in Genetic programming in chennai,training in Embedded in chennai,training in VLSI in chennai,training in Power systems in chennai
It is purposely dedicated for innovative students. Here we encourage students who have new concepts and projects in various domains.
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Here Students can register their selected project.
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training in Bio medical in chennai,training in Bio-informatics in chennai,training in Network security in chennai,training in Genetic programming in chennai,training in Embedded in chennai,training in VLSI in chennai,training in Power systems in chennai
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Fix Your Expert
This application is particularly individual guidance to students in their desired Technology and Domain. Experts will help student to get step by step guidance in development stage.
Exclusive Interview &
Experts Advice
Here essential suggestions and advices will be given by the experts in various domain and technology to enhance the student career, project development. All the suggestions and advices are given with deep industrial knowledge’s. In this section, conversation with other industry professionals will be listed.

Spiro-Professional Student Process Academy offers exclusive industrial project training which focus on students desires in Research & Development sector. The key strengths of stupors are ability to make the student eligible for industry standards. In educational institutions, No formal studies available to equip a student with knowledge of different inputs required for the job performance. It leads to requirement of Special industrial training. On this basis, we created a methodology in which Knowledge exposure is a primary component and it will create step by step environment for all round development of skills. In our organization, we encourage our experts to play a facilitator role, in the more advanced levels with their primary role being to guide and assist students in achieving their own individual learning objectives.

Why we are unique?
  • We have developed a great understanding of how to assist students in the basis of industry.
  • Excellence in executing short and long-term projects to your specific requirements.
  • Deep domain knowledge in diverse fields.
  • Having a database of more than 2000 well structured real time and Research & Development projects.
  • Largest global databases of project outsourcing experts.
  • Providing clear project objectives, milestones, tasks, and resources to students.
  • Good Technology transfer.
  • High-quality service at an affordable cost.
  • Separate team to help student in different location.
  • Training and coaching for projects are available in all streams.
  • Creating a position for student to meet industry needs.
  • Training infrastructure provides working experience to the students.
  • R & D project training will boost up the students career.
  • Training will furnish required skills to manage new technology in various domains.
  • Online lectures for assisting formal, theoretical and technical knowledge.
  • Excellent infrastructure with interactive training.
  • Industry based learning techniques like developing projects etc.
  • Training sections which are relevant and applicable to real concepts which are essential to progress in the field.
  • Make training section more applicable to real world applications.
  • Motivating students in their desired field.
  • Our training sections have considerable flexibility.
  • Guidance in each and every stage of the development process.
Enhanced Benefits of Training
  • Acquiring the latest Skills in technologies & Domain
  • In depth knowledge about the project
  • Helping students to prepare Power Point Presentation, Documentation, Report & Review
  • Exclusive training and development sessions, Explanatory classes, demos
  • Scheduling of project on the basis of design and development
  • Training students to do task without any flaws which helps to become zero defect professionals
  • Supporting & helping in Any Design Level and Programming
  • Technical References and supports
Approach of Project Training
  • Recognizing the objective of the project
  • Examining Feasibility
  • Developing Prototype Plan
  • Designing ER & DFD
  • Preparing SRS & SAD
  • Software Design Actual and Interface
  • Pre testing, Debugging and Documentation
Project Training Furnishes
  • Project Profile and its Scope
  • Hardware & Software Environment
  • SDLC Model
  • Source & Interface requirements
  • Team Structure with responsibilities
  • Review and Defect Tracking
Training in a range of technology domains
To provide opportunities to students to get hands on experience of latest technology. We are training students in following technology domains


  • Wireless networking
  • Data mining
  • Image processing
  • Mobile computing
  • Computer networks
  • Image processing
  • Adhoc networks
  • Software engineering
  • Multimedia
  • Pattern analysis
  • Bio technology
  • Bio medical
  • Bio-informatics
  • Network security
  • Genetic programming
  • Embedded
  • VLSI
  • Power systems
  • Power electronics
  • Control Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Communication
  • Digital Systems
  • Nano Technology
  • Bio Metrics
  • Rf-Technology
  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Advanced Java
  • Dotnet(VB,C#)
  • J2ee
  • ejb
  • struts
  • Oracle
  • Share point
  • SAP
  • Ms-Sql
  • Vhdl
  • Verilog
  • J2me
  • Visual Basic

  • Matlab
  • Simulink
  • Lab view
  • Opnet
  • Glommosim
  • Atmel
  • Pic
  • Arm controller
  • Avr
  • PLC
  • Xilinx
  • Rf
  • Zigbee
  • I2c
  • Can Protocol
Project Development Life Cycle
During project training students will be involved in following Project development life cycle.

System Engineering and Modelling
In this process we have to identify the projects requirement and main features proposed in the IEEE Paper. Understand the draw backs of existing systems, analyze the proposed systems and its techniques, cost analyze and cost estimation also will be train in this module.

Software/Hardware requirement Analysis
In this software requirements analysis, firstly analysis the requirement for the proposed system. To understand the nature of the program to built, the student must understand the information domain for the software/hardware, as well as required functions, performance and the interfacing. From the available information the student develops a list of the actors use cases and system level requirement for the project. With the help of key user the list of use case and requirement is reviewed.

Systems analysis and design
Software Projects

The design is the process of designing exactly how the specifications are to be implemented. It defines specifically how the software is to be written including an object model with properties and method for each object, the client/server technology, the number of tiers needed for the package architecture and a detailed database design. Analysis and design are very important in the whole development cycle. Any glitch in the design could be very expensive to solve in the later stage of the software development.

Electronic Projects

How to fabricate and design the PCB’s.Designing the mechanism models, write the program in Controllers use of compilers this all will be trained during project development.

Code generation
The design must be translated into a machine readable form. The code generation step performs this task. The development phase involves the actual coding of the entire application. If design is performed in a detailed manner. Code generation can be accomplished with out much complicated. Programming tools like compilers, interpreters like c, c++, and java are used for coding .with respect to the type of application. The right programming language is chosen.
After the coding. The program testing begins. There are different methods are there to detect the error in coding .different method are already available.
After Testing project will be readily available for students to submit their college for demonstration purpose.
OUR 12 Precepts Based Training
Features of Project training
• 80 hours project training

• Review materials support

• Project completion certification

• Course completion certification in corresponding project technology

• In plant training certificate

• On time project delivery

• Students support portal

• Online training for outstation students

• Domain training

• Flexible training schedule

• Placement assistance though SMC
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So far we have provided R&D training for more than 1,00,000 engineering Students.
Had conducted seminars in the recent trends of technology at various colleges.
Our research projects had been presented in various National & International Conferences.
Most of our projects were identified by the industries as suitable for their needs.
Our n-number of students got research scholarship to extend our assisted projects for further development.
SPIRO guarantees small class sizes.
SPIRO guarantees quality instructors.
SPIRO guarantees competence.
SPIRO guarantees that training from SPIRO will be more cost-effective than training from any other source.
SPIRO guarantees that students in open-enrollment classes are protected against cancellations and will be able to receive desired training at the cost they expect and in the time frame they have planned.
SPIRO guarantees overall quality with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied for any reason, simply withdraw before the second day of any class. Notify the instructor and return all course materials and you will receive a 100% refund.
For ECE,EEE,E&I, E&C & Mechanical,Civil, Bio-Medical
#1, C.V.R Complex, Singaravelu St, T.Nagar, Chennai - 17,
(Behind BIG BAZAAR)Tamilnadu,India
Mobile : +91-9962 067 067, +91-9176 499 499
Landline : 044-4264 1213
Email: info@spiroprojects.com

#78, 3rd Floor, Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17.
(Upstair Hotel Saravana Bhavan) Tamilnadu,India
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